Bowser folding his arms
Vital statistics
Position King
Age Unknown
Status Villain
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Bowser is a giant fire-breathing koopa, King Koopa to be exact. He spends most of his time capturing princesses, ruining boardgames, and winning kart races.


Name Description Photo
Special: Fire Breath Bowser breathes fire on

his enemies.

Fire Breath
Side Special: Koopa Shell Bowser throws a koopa shell forwards. It slides around for a while.
Up Special: Whirling Fortress Bowser enters his shell spinning around. This causes him to go upwards.
Whirling Fortress SSBWU
Down Special: Bob-Omb Bowser throws a Bob-Omb
Super: Giga Bowser Bowser turns into his Giga form. This increases all his attack's damage and makes him invincible.
Giga Bowser idle pose
Victory Theme Plays the Super

Mario victory

theme from SSB.

Mario's Victory Theme

Mario's Victory Theme


Bowser is Mario's arch rival and is constantly taking his girl, Princess Peach. He is king of the koopas and rulers of the goombas.


Games that Bowser appears in:

  1. World Fighters


  • Bowser has a special intro against Mario, where he has a tied-up Peach over his sholder. He then laughs and turns around.
    • This will not happen if Peach is also in the match.