NSMBDIY Mario Jump
Mario Jumping
Vital statistics
Position Plumber, Carpenter, Demolitionist, Referee, Painter
Age 26 (according to Melee)
Status Hero
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Mario is the main protagonist in Super Mario Bros. He is also one of the main heroes in World Fighters. He is a balance character and is good of beginners.


Attack Name Description Photo
Special: Fireball Mario shoots a fireball out of his hands.
Side Special: Super Jump Mario jumps diagonally.
Up Special:

P Wing

Mario uses the P Wing power up to fly. Charger to fly higher.
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Down Special: Penguin Slide Mario equips the Penguin power up and slides on the ground.
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Super: Super Star Mario pulls out a Super Star and becomes invincible. His speed increases and he damages opponents by running into them.
220px-Nsmb2 starman mario


The Mario series victory theme from

Super Smash Bros.

Mario's Victory Theme

Mario's Victory Theme


Mario was first introduced in the arcade game Donkey Kong. He later got many many more games. He quickly gave Nintendo much more popularity. He is now considered the Mickey Mouse of gaming.

Alternate Costumes


Mario has appeared in these games:

  1. World Fighters
  2. World Fighters 2: Worlds at War

Mettaton Questions

These are a list of questions Mettaton will ask about Mario:

Question Correct Answer Wrong Answers
"In which year did Super Mario Bros. for the NES come out?" 1986 (US and Japan)

1987 (Australia and


1973, 1983, 2002,
"Which of these baddies did Mario not go up against?" Majora Bowser, Cackletta,


"Which one of these sports does Mario not have a game


Cricket Golf, Basketball,

Soccer (Football

outside of US)