These are some rules you must follow. If you break these rules first you will get a warning then a ban.

General Rules

These are some general rules you should follow:

  • Be Kind: No calling names, insulting someone, or making mean comments because of their race, gender, religion, or even age.
  • Don't Use Foul Language: Please refrain from using foul language in chats.
  • No Sexual Content: Don't say anything sexual in the chat or post sexual pictures.

Creating/Editing Pages

When creating or editing a page follow these rules:

  • Don't Say Offensive Things: Don't say something about a race, gender, or religion that could offend someone. If you use offensive/dark humor in a page put a warning at the top of the page.
  • Mature Content: If there is mature content in your page such as foul language, sexual content, or violence put a warning at the top.
  • Don't Edits Other's Work: Don't edit other people's pages without permission.
  • Don't Post Spam: Don't post any spam (such as advertisements)