World Fighters is an all-star fighting game. It has 5 main game modes. Number 1 is Versus: This is the normal mode where you fight with friends local or online or fight against random opponents online. Number 2 is Darkness Rises. This is the main story. Number 3 is Solo. Solo has a bunch of things you can do by yourself. First is Classic. Classic is a story-like mode where you go through random battles. Second is Boss Rush where you fight all bosses in the game with only 3 lives. Training is where you train. When you beat Classic you get the character that you used's trophy. Number 4 is Super Mode. In Super Mode you must complete different challenges such as Battles, Finding the Treasure, or Destroying a certain object. Number 5 is My Stuff. This is where you can look at the trophies you've collected, look at the minions you've collected, and edit your Online Profile.

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is the main story of World Fighters. The story is that Slender Man wants to collect all sorts of worlds and rule over them. To do this he collects villains from all over the universe to take down the heroes. You must play as the main heroes to defeat them.


Starting Characters:

Unlocking Characters


Assist Trophies