World Fighters 3: Calling all Heroes is the sequel to World Fighters 2: Worlds at War and World Fighters. It has 5 main game modes. The first one being Versus, where you fight friends local and online, CPUs local, or random strangers online. The second one is the story, Destroyers from Space, where Galactus, Thanos, and Ronan attack. The third is Solo, where you can do lots of single player stuff. Here you can do classic, boss rush, missions, and training. The fourth mode is the shop, where you can buy trophies. The fifth mode is MyStuff, where you can view you trophies, records, and edit your online profile. World Fighters contains tons of characters from multiple different franchises. Some other minor changes have been made, such as all Marvel characters being under the Marvel Universe series or all YouTubers being under the YouTube series.

Starter Characters

Picture Name Series Description
Mario Super Mario Mario, Mr. Nintendo, Jumpman, what ever you call him, he is the Mickey Mouse of gaming. He uses his power ups, and expert jumping skills to defeat everyone in battle.
Bowser Super Mario Bowser, the evil king of koopas and goombas, is here to kick butt and steal princesses. He uses koopas and his fire breath for attacks.
Peach (Super Mario 3D World)
Princess Peach Super Mario Peach is the classic damsel in distress. She may g et captured ALOT, but she can fight using toads, turnips, and emotions... Wait, emotions?!
YoshiSSBV Full
Yoshi Super Mario Yoshi is Mario's best pal and sidekick. He throws eggs and uses his tongue to turn people into eggs. Lots of eggs..
Rosalina SHMW
Rosalina Super Mario Rosalina is the space princess. She is the mother figure of the lumas. She enjoys reading storybooks. She uses starbits and lumas for attacks.
Baby Bros. Super Mario The baby version of Mario and Luigi join the fight! They are quick and light and use giant hammers for attacks.
Sonic Sonic the hedge


Sonic is the fastest thing alive and loves chili dogs. He is to fast for the naked eye and uses this to his advantage. He uses spindashes for attacks. He is the fastest character in the game.
Tails Sonic the Hedge


Sonic's smart best friend that isn't a mutant squirrel. He can fly using his double Tails. He uses tons of his inventions for attacks.
Knuckles the echinda
Knuckles Sonic the Hedge


Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald. He is strong and can glide. He stops at nothing making sure the competition doesn't lay their hands on his emerald.
Metal Sonic 1 Tails19950
Metal Sonic Sonic the Hedge


Metal Sonic was created by Dr. Eggman to beat Sonic. He was meant to be the exact copy of Sonic, but Sonic is faster.
Dr eggman by tails19950-d4df95l
Dr. Eggman Sonic the Hedge


Dr. Eggman is Sonic's arch nemesis. He is crazy smart, having an I.Q. of 200. He uses robots and other machinery for attacks.
Sticks boom rise of lyric model by nibroc rock-d8bnyl7
Sticks Sonic the Hedge


Sticks is a badger introduced in Sonic Boom. She lives on a farm. She uses boomerangs for attacks.
Jacksepticeye YouTube The last surviving boss from Bossatronio. He loves video games and cake. And cookies. And speed. He commands septic eyes for attacks.
Tumblr mz8ycj23Rg1rxw8z2o1 500-0
Markiplier YouTube Markiplier is a deep voiced let's player. He is known for his pink mustache logo and Tiny Box Tim. He is also known as the King of FNaF.
Pewdiepie YouTube Pewdiepie is a Swedish let's player and the youtuber with the most subscribers. He has been in South Park and had his own game. He uses his pug, Mr. Chair, and Stephano for attacks.
Jacksepticeye (Legend of the Brofist) YouTube Jacksepticeye in his Legend of the Brofist form. He is smaller than the normal Jack and uses abilities from Pewdiepie;Legend of the Brofist for attacks.
Finn the human by toastwaffleart-d5ylzg7
Finn the Human Adventure


Finn is the last surviving human in oo. He is a great adventurer and princess saver, almost as good as Mario. He uses mainly swords.
Adventure time jake the dog by thearenddude-d5kd0ef
Jake the Dog Adventure


Jake is Finn's best friend, step-brother, and roommate. He is dating lady rainicorn, in which he often plays the viola with. He uses his magical stretchy powers for attacks.
BMO Adventure


BMO is a robot gam system that lives with Finn and Jake in their treehouse. He doesn't really have a gender. He uses tech stuff for attacks.
Princess bubblegum character
Princess Bubblegum Adventure


Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of the candy kingdom. She is super smart and works in a lab. She uses potions and candy people for attacks.
Husker Knight Adventure


Husker Knight is one of

the many characters in

the board game Card

Wars. He uses corn and

other cards for attacks.

Link Artwork 1 (Twilight Princess)
Link Legend of Zelda Link is the Hero of Time, Hero of Light, and Hero of Wind. He is the carrier of the Triforce of Courage and the Master Sword.
Zelda 2 HW
Zelda Legend of Zelda Zelda is the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom and light arrows. She constantly is getting captured by Ganondorf.
Skull Kid Artwork (Ocarina of Time)
Skull Kid Legend of Zelda Skull Kid was a normal person until overtaken by Majora's Mask. He uses his flute, Tael, and even the Moon for attacks.
Tingle (TWW)
Tingle Legend of Zelda Tingle is obsessed with fairies and rupees. He loves fairies so much he dresses up as one. He uses rupees, maps, and balloons for attacks.
250px-ALBW Ravio
Ravio Legend of Zelda A shop keeper that sets up shop in Link's house, he uses tons of items for attacks. Spoiler Alert: He is secretly Link's shadow version.
Megaman Megaman Megaman is a robot created by Dr. Light. to fight against Dr. Wily. He has a megabuster that shoots many different things. His real name is Rock.
Zero Megaman Zero was a robot made by Dr. Wily to defeat Megaman, until he turned to the good side. He uses his sword and his megabuster for attacks.
Dr Wily (MM3)
Dr. Wily Megaman Dr. Wily is a german mad scientist bent on trying to defeat Megaman. He has gone from creating robots, trick robots into fighting for him, and even teaming up with Dr. Eggman!
Roll exe vector dvd box art remake by luigiblood-d5rcld7
Roll Megaman Roll is Megaman's sister and she sometimes helps him defeat Dr. Wily. She is a fast, light, and good jumper. Hehe, Rock and Roll.
Blossom Power Puff


Blossom was one of the 3

super heroes created

when Professor Utonium

accidently added

Chemical X to a mixture.

Bubbles Power Puff


Bubbles is probably the

sweetest of the Power

Puff Girls, but that doesn't

mean she can't fight. She

uses ice breath and loud

screams for attacks.

Buttercup Power Puff


Buttercup is a rough and

tough girl that fights first

and asks questions

never. She is probably

stronger than the other


Minecraft steve-5
Steve? Minecraft Steve? is the main protagonists of Minecraft. He is an expert crafter, miner, and farmer.
2275927-Notch 49449 screen
Notch (Real Life) Minecraft Notch is the creator of Minecraft. He made other not as popular games to. He uses computers and his hat for attacks.
Notch (Minecraft) Minecraft Notch in his Minecraft form, he is faster than his real life counterpart. He uses anvils, creepers, and diamond stuff for attacks.
CaptainSparklez Minecraft CaptainSparklez is one of the most famous Minecraft Youtubers ever. He uses Jerry, Carrie, and Survival Games attacks.
Calvin and Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes are best pals. Calvin is a trouble making 6 year old with an overactive imagination, while Hobbes is the more common sensed of the two.
Antman front small
Ant-Man Marvel


Scott Lang can now shrink to any size, thanks to his super awesome suit! He can sure during battle for a short time. This makes him faster, lighter, and harder to hit.
Iron Man Marvel


Tony Stark is a billionaire industrialist and super hero known as Iron Man. He uses lasers, rockets, and his ability to fly in battle.
AoU Captain America 2shield-guard
Captain America Marvel


Steve Rogers wanted to join the U.S. army during WW2, but wasn't strong enough. This changed when he signed up to be a Super Soldier. He is now part of the Avengers.
Hercules Hercules Hercules is Zeus' son, so he has epic godlike powers. He is super strong, and can throw his sword like a boomerang.
Hades KHREC-0
Hades Hercules Hades is the god of death. He tried to take over from Zeus, but Hercules saved the day. He uses fire and souls for attacks.
Luffy Post Time Skip
Luffy One Piece Monkey D. Luffy wants to become the King of Pirates, and now that he ate the Gum Gum Fruit he has a really good chance. He has the best melee range in the game.
Zoro 2
Roronoa Zoro One Piece Zoro is feared by all pirates (other than Luffy) because he is such a great bounty hunter. He has mastered the art of triple swords.
Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear We Bare Bears Grizzly, Ice Bear, and Panda are all brothers that just want to fit in. They opened a food truck once, and they can use for an attack.
Determined twilight sparkle by 90sigma-d77nnez
Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony: Friendship

is Magic

Twilight Sparkle used to be a anti-social nerd, now she's a nerdy, social queen! She uses magic and her Element of Harmony to attack.
Happy pinkie pie by thatguy1945-d6rctaq
Pinkie Pie My Little Pony: Friendship

is Magic

Pinkie Pie is a crazy fun loving earth pony from Ponyville. She loves sweets and parties. She uses he party cannon and balloons for attacks.
Rainbow dash vector when you re ready by anxet-d5a4hty
Rainbow Dash My Little Pony: Friendship

is Magic

Rainbow Dash is a super-cool, super-fast pegasus. She is very popular with the young ponies. She uses weather and speed for attacks.
Applejack bucking vector by grendopony-d3kux1p
Applejack My Little Pony: Friendship

is Magic

Applejack is the hardworking farm that lives on Sweet Apple Acres. She uses apples and bucking for attacks.
Fluttershy Artwork 4
Fluttershy My Little Pony: Friendship

is Magic

Fluttershy is an expert animal caretake and is extremely shy (duh). She uses animals and singing for attacks.
Rarity vector by HelgiH
Rarity My Little Pony: Friendship

is Magic

Rarity is a master fashion designer and hopes to one day become famous for it. She is also good at finding gems. She uses sewing needles and diamonds for attacks.
Mysterious mare do well vector edit by pyropsychzach-d4knfi6
Mare Do Well My Little Pony: Friendship

is Magic

The mysterious Mare Do Well is a superhero that was originally Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie in a costume. She was brought to life by a mysterious figure in World Fighters 3.
Stickfigure The Internet A random stick figure brought to life by some random guy. He is light and quick. He uses random stuff for attacks.
Sackboy LittleBig


Sackboy is the hero of Craftworld. He is an amazing builder and creates many worlds. He uses the many different tools in his inventory for attacks.
Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop LittleBig


These three are the heroes of Bunkum that saved it from the titans. After the titans returned, Sackboy had to awaken them. They use their abilities for attacks.
Batman Batman The dark hero that Gotham doesn't deserve but needs. His parents were shot and killed at a young age. He uses batarangs and the Batmobile for attacks.
Robin Batman Robin is Batman's sidekick and acrobatic super hero. He worked in the circus before his parents died. He uses his staff for attacks.
Joker transparent1 -0
The Joker Batman The Joker used to be a normal crook until he met some chemicals face-to-face. Now he causes chaos in Gotham with other villains.
Art Zimyelling
Zim Invader Zim Zim is an Irken invader trying to take over Earth. He doesn't like water. He uses Gir and his inventions for attacks.
Pikachu Pokémon Pikachu is the mascot of Pokémon. He is an electric mouse pokémon. He uses his different electric attacks for moves.
Jessie Pokémon Jessie is a member of Team Rocket and probably the most hardworking. She constantly wants to capture Ash's Pikachu. She uses her pokémon for attacks.
052Meowth Dream
Meowth Pokémon Meowth is a member of Team Rocket. He taught himself to speak for a girl. He uses payday and other attacks for attacks.
001Bulbasaur AG anime-0
Bulbasaur Pokémon Bulbasuar is a grass-type starter Pokémon in Pokémon Green, Blue, and Red. He uses bullet seed and vine whip for attacks.
Gardevoir Pokémon Gardevoir is a psychic-fairy type Pokémon. She uses attacks like Moon Blast and Confusion for attacks.
Spider-Man Marvel Universe "With great power comes great responsibility" Peter Parker took these words to heart when he became Spider-Man. He uses webs and wall climbing to his advantage.
Doctor Octopus-iOS
Doctor Octopus Marvel Universe Doctor Octopus is an evil scientist that has four robotic tentacles for attacks. He uses them for walking around and reaching far.
Siri Apple Siri was created to help guide people with their new iPhones. She was brought to life by a mysterious figure. She use iProducts and apps for attacks.
Emmet LEGO The so called "special" is here to battle. He used to be an ordinary generic construction worker, until he became a Master Builder.
Unikitty Render
Unikitty LEGO Unitkitty is an anime-cat-unicorn Master Builder. She is almost alway happy. She uses rainbows and bricks for attacks.
Danny Zuko Grease Danny is your classic 50s rebellious punk. He's really into girls and can sing pretty well. He uses his car, Grease Lightning and songs for attacks.
Tumblr mzfhrp0jK51sxr2d1o1 500
Smosh YouTube Ian and Anthony are dating best friends. They are one of the most famous YouTubers ever. They have a pet guinea pig named Charlie and friend named Box Man.
A female Inkling ready for battle
Inkling Splatoon These squid-humans are the customizable playable characters in Splatoon. They use paint for their main weapon.
Dipper & Mabel Pines Gravity Falls The mystery twins are best friends and visitors of Gravity Falls. Mabel is always happy and cheery and very social, while Dipper is nerdy, wimpy, and anti social.
Wendy corduroy daylight by celipelin-d8jtpmi
Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls The cool, laidback teenager that works at the Myster Shack, Wendy doesn't actually do to much work. She

may look defenseless, but she can use her axe with deadly skill.

Grunkle stan by flashlight237-d6ep7b4-0
Grunkle Stan Gravity Falls Grunkle Stan is the owner of the Mystery Shack. He is a good manipulator, able to trick citizens and tourists into giving him money.
Kung Fu Man M.U.G.E.N. A kung fu master originating from the program M.U.G.E.N. He is a fairly easy to use character that has no projectiles.
Kung Fu Girl M.U.G.E.N. A young girl with red hair that is training to be a kung fu master. Much like her sensei, Kung Fu Man, she uses only melee moves.
Star-Lord Promo Art Decor III-0
Star-Lord Marvel Universe Peter Quill ran away when his Mom died and got abducted by aliens. He is a trained thief and space explorer. He uses his guns and rocket boosters in battle.
Gamora Promo Art Decor I-0
Gamora Marvel Universe Gamora was trained by Ronan to kill. After meeting Peter, she eventually became good. She is an expert sword user and great acrobat.
Groot Marvel Universe Groot is a giant tree with a tiny vocabulary. He can grow his limbs longer. He is Groot, and he'll make sure he tells you that.
Rocket Cutout Render-0
Rocket Raccoon Marvel Universe Rocket Raccoon, Rocket for short, is a raccoon that has been tested on multiple times. He uses lots of cool tech for attacks.
Drax the Destroyer-Guardian
Draw the Destroyer Marvel Universe When Ronan killed Drax's family, he swore vengeance. He later got when they defeated him. He doesn't understand most Earth things.
Eric Cartman South Park The Grand Wizard and leader of the humans. He trains the player for most of The Stick of Truth. His base is called the Kingdom of Kupa Keep (KKK for short).
High jew elf king wave gif by cia boy-d7zs4ej
Kyle South Park The High Jew Elf and leader of the elves. His base is called the Elven Kingdom. He uses Ike and other items for attacks.
Stan South Park Stan is a warrior for the Drow Elves. He likes to say "Oh my god! They killed Kenny!". He uses Sparky for attacks.
Princess Kenny South Park Princess Kenny is the princess of Kupa Keep. He is an archer. He turns out to be the inheritance of the Stick of Truth.
Butters the Merciful South Park Butters is the paladin for Kupa Keep. His main weapon is a hammer. He is the first buddy you get. Butters can heal himself in battle.
Garfield the Cat.svg-0
Garfield Garfield This fat, sarcastic, lazy, lasagna-loving cat is ready for battle! He may be slow and heavy but he can pack a punch!
Olimar a-0
Olimar Pikmin Olimar works all day, even when he's on vacay. He commands his pikmin around for attacks.
1abfj7e1p7dgf normal face
Big D Miiverse Big D is a popular troll on Miiverse. He would do the normal troll things. He uses troll faces and his big letter "D" for attacks.
Freddy fazbear full body by chini2003cool-d8h0i2d-0
Freddy Fazbear Five Nights at Freddy's The creepy mascot for the food chain called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He uses pizza and jumpscares for attacks.
Dolan & Shima Planet Dolan Dolan and Shima educate viewers on the mysteries of the world. Although Dolan's answers are completely wrong, they can fight people well.
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong He is the king of the jungle, but he's not a lion! It's Donkey Kong! His grandfather wasn't very nice but this DK's nice.
Josef Machinarium Josef is robot that leads a rough life. Nobody really respects him, other than his friend. He can grow taller or shrink short and eat stuff for attacks.
Maxwell Scribblenauts Maxwell can create anything and everything using his magic notebook. He can also use his sister's globe to travel anywhere.
John Cena WWE John Cena COMES OUT OF NO WHERE! He's

here just because why not. He uses wrestling moves to fight people.

Snapchat Ghost Snapchat This ghost is literally the worst character in the game. All of its attacks are just it taking selfies.
Mat Pat pic
MatPat YouTube MatPat is a YouTuber that does theories on games and films. He uses his intelligence and Video Game stuff for attacks.
Lobstery World Fighters A dog sized lobster that was created by a mysterious figure. He was released by Olimar.
Snoopy Peanuts Snoopy is Charlie Brown's dog who is really mischievous. He uses his doghouse, typewriter, and Woodstock for attacks.
Starflight- The Dark Secret
Starflight Wings of Fire Starflight is a nightwing and dragonet of the prophecy. He can foretell the future to counter attack.
Villager Animal Crossing The mayor of a town in Animal Crossing, this guy won't mess around in battle.
Tumblr mqj3mnMxUt1riqi4ao1 500 (1)
SammyClassicSonicFan YouTube An epic adventurer and full time Sonic and Nintendo fan, Sammy

joins the battle! Although is known

for his old, bad videos, his new videos are actually petty good.

Mickey Mouse Mickey


Mickey Mouse is the Mario of animation and

mascot of Disney. He uses many classic animation jokes such as

anvils and banana peels and also uses his dog, Pluto, and his plane.

Donald Duck Mickey


Donald Duck is a short tempered duck (duh) and friend of Mickey Mouse. He uses his hammer and throws things for his attacks.
Goofy Mickey


Goofy is a clumsy, dopey dog that is one of Mickey Mouse's friend. He uses baseball bats and just plain falling on his enemies for attacks.
Pit (KIU)
Pit Kid Icarus Pit, not Kid Icarus, is an angel from Sky World. He is also a soldier in Palutena's army. He uses his bow for most attacks.
Palutena SSB4
Palutena Kid Icarus The goddess of light and ruler of skyworld, Palutena is also the one that gives Pit his ability to fly. She uses her staff and light stuff for attacks.
Frisk Render By Skodwarde
Frisk Undertale A young child that went climbing on Mt. Ebott, Frisk accidently fell into the Underground. They have a extremely determined soul. They use a stick and their soul for attacks.
Faux Battle
Undyne Undertale A fish-like monster and captain of the royal guard. She is rough and has a short temper. She uses her spear for her attacks.
Rey Star Wars A young girl that was oringally homeless. She found BB-8 after he crashed landed on her planet. She uses her staff and lightsaber for attacks.
Star Wars Episode 7 Jacket 85645 zoom
Finn Star Wars Finn used to be a stormtrooper, until he realised what he was doing was wrong and joined the good side. He can use his gun and stormtrooper armor for attacks.
Chris Bravest


Chris Kirkman is the leader of the Bravest Warriors, the children of the Couragous Battlers. He can use his bee and the other Bravest Warriors for attacks.
Aizawa Inori
Aizawa Inori Microsoft The crappy anime mascot of Internet Explorer that only got a single short. She is apparently clumsy and nerdy. She has the abilitiy to slow down opponents using Internet Explorer's lag. She can also summon Clippy.
Phil Eggtree Riddle School A young kid that likes to escape school. He is young and uses items found in the Riddle series and his friends in battle.
Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit Wallpaper
Bilbo Baggins Lord of the


Bilbo was taken out of his

perfect hobbit life when

Gandalf took him on an

adventure. He now wields

the mighty sword Sting

and the last ring, both of

which he can use in


Gandalf Lord of the


Gandalf is the old, old,

OLD wizard responsible

for birng Bilbo on his

adventure. He can use a

sword and magic for battle.

Rick Sanchez Rick and Morty Rick Snachez is an alchoholic grandpa of

Morty. He is somewhat

crazy and makes ton of

inventions. He can use

portals, inventions, and

Morty in battle.

220px-Wario SSB4 Artwork
Wario (WarioWare) WarioWare When Wario realized how much money Pyroro was making with video games, he started WarioWare. He uses his motorcycle, microgames, and, not very surprisingly, farts.
180px-Ashley Model SSB4
Ashley WarioWare Ashley is a young witch that lives in a mansion in Diamond City. She and her partner Red practice magic, which uses in battle.
Oleander Them's Fightin Herds A black unicorn from The Woodland. She uses a powerful magic book called the Unicornomicon.

She uses powerful magic in battle, but must read her book every once in a while or she can't use magic.

Arizona Them's Fightin Herds A brave, honest, and loyal cow that is the key keeper for the Cattle Kind. Although only a calf, she is one of the strongest key keepers. She uses her strength, lasso, and head butts for attacks.
Paprika Them's Fightin Herds An alpaca that has almost to much love to give, Paprika is just looking for anybody to share her love with. She uses mostly hugs for attacks.
Pom Them's Fightin Herds The unwilling key keeper for the Sheepkin, Pom is a timid girl that doesn't really want to fight. Her dogs Woof, Ruff, Tuft & Puff help her fight.
Tianhuo Them's Fightin Herds Tainhou is tough that greatly admires people with strength and can't have fun in a fight if it isn't a challenge. Using her wings, she can fly around the stage and be extremely agile.
Velvet Them's Fightin Herds The most flamboyant of the deerfolk, Velvet was chosen as the key keeper for the Tundra. She uses giant ice crystals for fighting.
Star butterfly by star butterfly-d934k9l
Star Butterfly Star vs. the Forces of Evil A princess that ain't from around her, but from another dimension, Star is a quirky teen with a magic wand and big heart. Using said wand, she uses magic for attacks.
Black Mage Final Fantasy A job from the Final Fantasy series, this generic black mage uses magic to aid him in battle.
White Mage
White Mage Final Fantasy Taking on her appearance from Mario Sports Mix, this white mage uses healing magic to heal herself and status effect spells to fight others.
Sonichu Sonichu A wierd combination of Sonic and Pikachu, Sonichu is an "oc" created by CWC. He uses

his speed and zap attacks in battle. He can also uses his other forms for attacks.

Sora Kingdom


A young boy who lives on Destiny Islands with his friends, he dreamt of leaving the islands to adventure. When his home was consumed by darkness, he was force to travel many worlds with his Keyblade.
Roxas (Art) KHD
Roxas Kingdom


Roxas once live with his friends, unaware that he was the Nobody of Sora. He is ranked XIII in the original Orginization XIII. He can use his Keyblade and samurai nobodies in battle.
Scott Pilgrim Scott Pilgrim vs the World Scott Pilgrim is a 24 year old guy from Toronto. After finishing university, he formed the band Sex Bob-omb with his friends Stephen and Kim. He uses his guitar and classic fighting game moves in battle.
Spyro the Dragon (character)
Spyro Spyro the Dragon When Spyro and his buddy, Sparx, were still in their egg, two thieves tried to steal their eggs. Luckily, these two were stopped. Later, the other dragons found out he was an Artisan dragon. In battle, he uses elemental powers and can enter flight mode.
Malefor Spyro the Dragon The dark master, Malefor is the true main villain of the Spyro the Dragon series. Like Spyro, Malefor is a rare purple dragon, thus allowing him to control elements others cannot. He plays similarly to Spyro, as he uses elements, but he cannot enter flight mode and is much stronger.
Joy Inside Out Joy is one of the five emotions in Riley's head. She seems to be in charge, as she is often seen in control. She uses memory orbs and sunlight for attacks.
Sadness Inside Out Sadness is an emotion that can't seem to find much joy in life. Originally, Joy had a great disliking towards Sadness, until they bonded. She uses tears and memory orbs for attacks.
ANGER Fullbody Render
Anger Inside Out An emotion that needs anger managment, he gets in charge when something frusterating happens. He uses fire and memory orbs for attacks.
Disgust Inside Out The emotion that keeps Riley from eating her veggies, Disgust hates anything gross. She uses broccoli and memory orbs for attacks.
Fear Inside Out This always frightened guy is the emotion in charge of making Riley scared. Fear uses loud screams and memory orbs for attacks.
TDI Chris (2)
Chris Mclean Total Drama The cruel host of a

reality TV show called

Total Drama, until the

Ridonculous Race happened. He uses explosives and other

traps for attacks.

Gallery 4 8 29577
The Prince Katamari The young prince and son of the King of All Cosmos is here to roll up the competition! One of the smallest characters in the game, he uses his katamari for most of his attacks.
5052089019324 Z burned
Artist Mannequinn Real Life A living artist's mannequinn. Despite normmally being used for posing, this one uses various art tools for fighting.

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Series HTU/Description
Wario-mario party 8
Wario (SMB) Super Mario Wario is like an evil version of Mario. He

is fat, smelly, and greedy. He plays slightly

different to his WarioWare version. He can

fart, bite, and throw coins as attacks.

Unlock By: Complete Classic as Mario.

Waluigi Super Mario Waluigi, much like his brother Wario, is

an evil version of Luigi. He is tall, skinny,

and a big loser. He uses sports stuff and

enemies as attacks.

Unlock By: Complete Classic as Luigi.

Vault boy Fallout The mascot of Fallout, this guy is an

expert at surviving the Wasteland. He

uses different items and stuff for attacks.

Unlock By: Complete the mission, Fallout of the Stage.

K.K. Slider in WW (1)
K.K. Slider Animal


A cool dog that plays the guitar in the cool

Nintendo game Animal Crossing. He has

appeared in every Animal Crossing game to


Unlock By: Collect 50 song

Slender Man Slender Originating from a creepypasta, now starring in many, MANY, games. He uses tentacles, Slender

Walking, and darkness for attacks.

Unlock By: Fight 250 brawls.

New mickey
Mickey the Dick Wacky

Game Jokes

4 Kidz!

Mickey is here to make fun of you and your

games. He can use drum sticks, spit, a knife,

and things from HotDiggedyDemon's other

videos. He hates video games. They're gay.

Including this one.

Unlocked By: Start the game 25 times

Sans Undertale A chilled out skeleton that loves puns and

incidental music. He may seem lazy but he's

actually pretty strong. He uses his gaster

blasters and "shortcuts" in battle.

Unlocked By: Beat classic mode as Frisk.

Undertale so sorry new shading style by justdwayne-d9nfjwy

Image by justdwayne

So Sorry Undertale A hidden boss that was a bought-in

Kickstarter character. He can only be

encountered by going into the Art Room at a

certain time. He uses his tail and doodlebogs

in battle. So sorry!

Unlocked by: Play 150 versus matches

Kylo ren
Kylo Ren Star Wars Kylo Ren is the evil son of Han Solo and

Princess Leia. He is extremely strong with the

force and has an epic lightsaber, both of

which he can use for attacks.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as Han Solo

Darth vader 9 render by aracnify-d92wamu
Darth Vader Star Wars Darth Vader is the father of Luke Skywalker

and Princess Leia. Also known as Anakin, he

fell into lava and was turned to the dark side.

He can use his force choke for attacks.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as Kylo Ren

Shigeru Miyamoto Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the most

influential Nintendo employees. He helped

with Mario, Legend of Zelda, Super Smash

Bros. and much much more. In World

Fighters, he uses items from different

Nintendo games to fight.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as 25 Nintendo characters.

Support Victini
Victini Pokemon Victini is the Luck Pokemon, and uses many

fire moves. He is a lighter character, with a

high jump and quick movement. He uses

moves like incinerate, searing shot, and

many more.

Unlocked By: Beat classic on hard as


3310127-mewtwo render by mastergawain-d5x80jy
Mewtwo Pokemon One of the most powerful and famous

Pokemon, Mewtwo was created as a clone

of Mew by Team Rocket. He escaped and

tried to free all Pokemon. He uses shadow

ball and teleport in battle.

Unlocked By: Fight 130 battles

Greninja profile
Greninja Pokemon Greninja is a water-dark type pokemon that

acts very similar to a ninja. He first appeared

in Pokemon X and Y as the final evolution of

Froakie. He can use water shurikens and

other moves to fight.

Unlocked By: Play 30 fights as Mewtwo

Proto Man
Protoman Megaman Protoman is Megaman and Roll's brother

and was the first robot master created by

Dr. Light. He is known as Blues in Japan,

and comes equiped with a hand-blaster

and a shield.

Unlocked By: Fight 65 battles.

Elec Man Megaman Elec Man is a robot master created to handle

the volotage of nearby power plants. He was

converted to bad side by Dr. Wily and now

uses his lightning powers to stop Megaman.

Unlocked By: Play 15 fights


Win a team battle as Mega Man and


Tumblr n0wg5wDhCg1rrm2zoo1 r1 400
Sauron Lord of

the Rings

Sauron, also known as the lord of the rings,

is an evil mastermind that wants the last ring.

He is one of the larger and slower characters

in the game, using his powerful mace for


Unlocked By: Play 200 battles

Gollum Lord of

the Rings

A greedy hobbit that transformed into a

goblin-like creature after growing to attached

to the ring. He uses fish and his claws as


Unlocked By: Play 45 battles

Frodo Baggins Lord of

the Rings

Frodo is the son of Bilbo and the new bearer

of the ring. He is basically an excact clone

of Bilbo, as his attacks are the same. The

only difference is he is faster.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as Bilbo once on

any difficulty.

150px-Cloud Strife field model
Cloud (FFVII) Final


Cloud from the game Final Fantasy VII, he

has a very N64 esque appearance. He uses

his sword and other abilities from Final

Fantasy VII.

Unlocked By: Completing classic as both

Black Mage and White Mage.

Cynder Spyro the


Once the servant of Malefor, Cynder was

freed by Spyro and now seeks to find her

own destiny. She can use the elements of

poison, fear, wind, shadow, and aether for


Unlocked By: Complete classic as both

Spyro and Malefor.

Gaul the Ape King
Gaul Spyro the


Gaul is the ape king and loyal servant of

Malefor. It is likely he was a great war

veteran, as he has many scars. He uses his

two giant swords and fireballs in battle.

Unlocked by: Play 60 versus matches

Peg-Leg Pete-1
Pete Mickey


A large, big-boned dog that is

often found being the antagonist of Mickey Mouse and friends' stories. He is large and slow, using almost entirely melee attacks.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as Mickey, Goofy, and Donald.

Enderman Plush Minecraft A much smaller, softer version

of an Enderman. It is very light and fast, but lacks most of the abilities of a real enderman, including teleportation. It uses

stuffed blocks and plastic swords.

Unlocked By: Use the Enderman assist 5 times.

Profile picture by wdisneyrp bingbong-d9j0ndy
Bing Bong Inside Out A big, loveable imaginary friend made out of cotton candy, after Riley forgot him, Bing Bong was forced wonder her mind. Bing Bong uses his rocket and memory orbs for attacks

Unlocked By: Fight 30 versus matches.

Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson Inside Out Riley is a young girl that had to move away from home. She slowly got mor upset, as Joy and Sadness were suck up into long term memory. She uses hockey pucks for attacks.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as all emotions.

ProJared Youtube A Youtuber known for his reviews, he is here to give World Fighters a final rating. He uses various game controllers, Normal Boots, and D&D weapons for attacks.

Unlocked By: Fight 35 versus matches

MePhone 4 NewIdle2016
MePhone Inanimate


A living phone that also is the host of the reality tv show, Inanimate Insanity. He uses Toilet and various challenges for attacks.

Unlocked By: Win a match as Chris Mclean

Masked Matter-Horn ID A2014 burned
Masked Matterhorn My Little



is Magic.

Trot Summers may seem like a normal pony during the day, but at night, she becomes Masked Matterhorn. A superhero that will always protect the city of Maretropolis. Using her magic

beams, she can be a real trouble in a fight.

Unlocked By: Beat Classic as Twilight Sparkle.

Princess celestia by kooner01-d50xbdc
Princess Celestia My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Princess Celestia is one of the rulers of Equestria, the other being her sister. She is in charge of raising and lowering the sun. She uses her light powers in attacks.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy.

Img-1829087-1-princess luna by sulyo-d4u3lnh
Princess Luna My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Princess Luna rules the land of Equestria with her sister, Celestia. Luna's job is to raise and lower the moon. She uses her night powers in her attacks.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack.

Pinka-mena My Little Pony: Friendship

is Magic

An evil twisted version of Pinkie Pie, Pinkamena is ready to butcher the competition. Ooh! She brought cupcakes! Yum!

Unlocked By: Beat classic as Pinkie Pie on hard.

Little pip vector by brisineo-d56qye5
Littlepip Fallout:


A young pony that wanders the Wasteland, with no allegiance to any faction. She uses pistol and long-ranged rifles in combat.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as any character.

Builder Mario Super Mario Bros. Mario as he appears in Super Mario Maker. He plays like normal Mario, with decent speed and high jumps, but uses various items, such as Pirahna Plants and Bullet Bills, from the Mario Series for attacks.

Unlocked By: Win 20 matches as Mario

250px-Dr Mario - Dr Mario Miracle Cure
Dr. Mario Super Mario Bros. Apparently Mario has an M.D. now and became a doctor. Just roll with it. Anyway, he uses his multicolored pill to kill germs and kick butt.

Unlocked By: Defeat 25 viruses.

Princess Daisy - Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
Daisy Super Mario Bros. The sporty princess of Sarasaland, Daisy is unlike other Mario characters. She has appeared in very little mainstream Mario games and appears in more sports game.

She uses various sports equipment for attacks.

Unlocked By: Win 25 versus matches.

The Lich King
The Lich Adventure


One of the most evil being in the entire land of Ooo, the Lich is a formidable foe. It uses it's fire magic and cold magic for attacks.

Unlocked By: Play as everyother Adventure Time character.

Summerween Trickster appearance
Summer-ween Trickster Gravity Falls An evil creature that punishes

kids for not respecting the Summerween spirit. He is fast, heavy, and strong but gets weaker as he takes damage. He uses water melons and candy for attacks.

Bill appearance
Bill Cipher Gravity Falls An evil triangle-shaped demon that definetly isn't related to the illuminati in any way. Despite being evil and, in-fact, a triangle he still has fangirls. He uses his evil demon powers for attacks.


These are a list of items in the game:

Image Name Series Description
Fire Flower Mario Shoot fire out of it at opponents.

It can only do this for so long

though,so use it wisely.



Mario Turn big for a minute.
The Kragle LEGO Lets you shoot glue that makes

opponents freeze for a few

seconds. Contains 15 shots of


LBP Crown LittleBigPlanet Gives you the ability to spawn in

any item. Lets you spawn in 5 items.

Banana peel large.9e7133dd4d3734a0497a39d8e0120f2c98881d57-0


World Fighters Throw it on the ground and when ever

enemies walk over it they slip.

Classic slapstick.

Spotify Spotify Carry it around to shoot music notes out

of it. Contains 21 shots of ammo.

Walnut Bread


Reccettear Eating it heals 20% HP.


World Fighters Call in an assistant to aid you in battle.

Starter Stages

Name Image Description


A stage from SSBM based on Peach's Castle

from Super Mario 64. Banzai Bill will sometimes

attack the castle so watch out!

World 1-1
World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros.) Start
A stage based off the first world from almost all

Super Mario Bros. There are no real hazards other

than the goomba.

The Stage
A stage based off the battleground for Paper

Mario The Thousand Year Door. No Stage Hazards.



Yoshi's Island is where all Yoshis live. Kamek

will sometimes fly by and shoot magic beams

at you.



Luigi's Mansion
A stage from SSBB. It is based off of Luigi's

Mansion, in which he won from a give away. It will

fall apart if it takes to many hits, so watch out!



250px-SMG Cometobservatory2
Where Rosalina and the Lumas reside, this stage will switch from different parts of the Comet Observatory. It will go to the Main Room, Library, Toad Brigade,and even Mario's Starship.
Mario Maker
A randomly generated stage that's different everytime. It is based on the game Super Mario Maker. Stages may include: Bullet Bills, Koopas, Spinies, Lakitus, and Goombas.


A stage that flies around the Mario Circuit from Mario Kart 8. The only stage hazard is the occasional blue shell that flies by.
Green Hill


250px-SSB4 Green Hill Zone
This stage comes directly from Super Smash Bros, with some adjustments. The

stage won't fall apart and classic versions of

Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails will run by.

Angel Island
SA Angel Island 2
This floating island is home to Knuckles and

the Master Emerald. Different from World Fighters 1, Snively will instead fly by and

steal the Master Emerald and cause the

island to fall. The stage will stay like this for

the remainder of the match.

Death Egg
Death egg generations
A giant moon-like space station created by

Doctor Eggman, the Death Egg is very similar to something from Star Wars. Unlike

WF1, Dr. Eggman will not fly by, but instead

various E-100 robots will fly by and attack.

Chao Garden
Chao garden sa2b by reallyfaster-d4xqi1i
A calm and peaceful stage that takes place

in the Chao Garden, home of many Chaos. The lack of stage hazards are made up for by the adorable little Chaos the will fly by.

Windy Hill


300px-Windy Hill press image
One of the largest stages, it comes from Sonic Lost World and Sm4sh. It has a lack of stage hazards, but the springs below the stage can change the game.

Night Zone

FileFighters casino night
A stage from Sonic: The Fighters, it takes place in a large Casino. As a stage hazard,

Knack will sometimes walk by and shoot players. He is more likely to shoot the person in first place.



One of the many bases of the Overwatch team, Watchpoint Gibraltar is a moving stage, having the players follow the Payload. The stages has three stage hazards, changing depending on where you are.
A nice little town in a snowy part of the Underground. A very plain stage, with no stage hazards and the only platoform being the ground and the roof of the shop.
Tree Fort
Finn Jake, and BMO's house, this stage is one of the taller stages, as players can jump all the way to the top of the fort. Sometimes gold will burst out of the door, damaging anyone it hits and leaving a pile behind. Once this happens it won't happen




P 027
A kingdom made completely out of candy, where even the inhabitants are made out

of candy. Sometimes, pieces of candy will fall from the sky, damaging everyone it hits.

The elmore
The city in which Gumball, Darwin, and many other wacky characters reside. This stage will move across Elmore, visiting The Waterson's House, Tina's Junkyard, Elmore High, the Forest of Doom, and Idaho's house.
Simpson's House
742 Evergreen Terrace
A small pink house that is home to Homer Simpson and his family, it may seem like a simple stage with no hazards, but the Simpson's car will sometimes drive into the garage, hitting anyone unlucky enough to be standing in front of it.
Wily Castle
300px-Wilys fortress
A stage from SSB4 that is based on Dr. Wily's castle, it is flat with two floating platforms. The Yellow Devil will sometimes drop down and shoot lasers.
Arkahm Asylum
Arkahm Asylum is a prison for the most dangerous criminals, such as the Joker. Unlike World Fighters 1, the only stage hazard is Killer Croc wrecking the place.
The ultimate area for creativity in all of LittleBigPlanet. The area is randomly generated, with the only thing staying the same is the tree in the middle.
The world after a nuclear explosion, the wasteland is a dangerous place. Codsworth, Raiders, or a Deathclaw will

sometimes walk by in the background.

Unlockable Stages

Stage Image Description
3D Blast
A stage based on the Sega game, Sonic 3D Blast. The stage appears 3D, but players are restricted to one flat area. Buzzy will sometimes fly by and shoot players.

Unlocked By: Unlock all Sonic characters.

An item shop run by a little girl named Recette and her fairy friend Tear. There are no hazards, but Recette and Tear will watch

the fight.

Unlocked By: Use 50 items.



Temmie Village is a hidden village inside Waterfall. In it live the Temmies, a strange species that loves humans. There are no stage hazards, only a bunch of Temmies and a dancing mushroom.

Unlocked By: Find all the Temmies (and Bob)

Card Wars
HuskerKnights Death
A giant board for the Card Wars game, the background is randomized with different things. Sometimes, an Immortal Maize Walker will walk by attacking players. The characters playing the game will change.

Unlocked By: Beat classic as Husker Knight

Bowser's flying ship from Super Mario World, this stage will slowly scroll across the airship. As stage hazards, Hammer Bros will throw hammers, jets will shoot fire, and bullet bills will be launched.

Unlocked By: Play as Bowser 10 times.


Image Name Description
240px-Fawful artwork MLBiS
Fawful Fawful hovers around the stage, shooting opponents with his star gun. He is the most best assistant!
Moe Moe will run at a random player and punch them, causing them to get instantly K.O.ed. He will only do this once.
Heavy Heavy will shoot at the closest player. His bullets have no knockback, but wrack up tons of damage.
Chef Hatchet
Chef Hatchet Chef Hatchet will use his helicopter to fly above the stage, dropping dirty laundry bombs on enemies.
Transparent Foxy
Foxy Foxy will back and forth on the stage, slashing any enemies he runs by with his hook.
Legolas Legolas stands in one part of the stage, shooting opponents with his bow.
Asriel Dreemur Transformed
Asriel Asriel will float up behind the stage, shooting players with lasers.
Metta-ton Mettaton will appear on a floating platform behind the stage. He will ask random questions about the characters, the stage, and himself. Random sections of the stage will light up with different answers. If a player is standing on a wrong answer or no answer they will get electrocuted.
Papyrus Papyrus will hold up spaghetti and heal the player that summoned him and any teammates.
The Wither The Wither will fly around shooting wither skulls, damaging all players, including the one that summoned him.
Enderman normal
Ender-man The Enderman will teleport around the stage, picking up players and throwing them off the stage.
Clever-bot Evie Evie will appear behind the stage. While back there, she will say random nonsense. The words she says will fly towards the stage, damaging those they hit.
Mr Freeze 92 model sheet
Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze will use his gun to freeze all of your opponents.
15280337499 2f8fcb47fb
Newton Newton will use his Blowinator to blow opponents off the stage.


Enemy Description
This angry mushroom is an easy enemiy, not only just taking a couple hits to be defeated, but also being defeated by simply being jumped on.
Koopa Troopa
Koopa 2Troopa SM3DW
While not as easy to defeat as Goombas, Koopas are still a very easy and common enemy. When hit enough or jumped on, they will go into their shell. The player can then kick it around.
Hammer Bro.
Hammer Bro. Art (Mario Party 8)
A bigger, stronger form of Koopas, the Hammer Bros throw hammers at the player. They will also jump up and down between layers.
Piranha Plant
These nasty looking plants will hide in pipes, looking for unsuspecting players to jump over them, where they chomp at them. They can only be damaged with projectiles.
Bullet Bill
Bullet Bill MKW2!!
Bullet Bills are enemies launched from Launchers. They will fly across the stage, following the players.
200px-Boo CTTT
Boos are ghosts that fly around in haunted mansions. Unlike other enemies, they cannot be hit.
200px-Viruses DrMarioMC
The obnoxious little creatures are Viruse, originating from Dr. Mario. When they hit you they have a chance of poisoning you.
A crocodile that works for King K. Rool, they will run at you and scratch at you.
Crabmeat Generations
A robotic crab created by Dr. Robotnik. They walk back and forth in an area, shooting fireballs in arch-shape.
Buzz Bomber
Buzz Bomber - Classic